Do you know how to;

Model for Beauty, use Proper Body Positioning, use Facials, Dance, Sing, etc.....

Are your outfits/costumes/routines ready?
... you need to hire:

"SUPREME STARS" Pageant Lessons & Assistance

We provide Pageant lessons and assistance for Pageant Girls and Boys (ages 4 yrs.-15 yrs.)

Our professional pageant and entertainment industry instructors will assist you in getting pageant ready,

and instruct your soon to beSUPREME STARon their Beauty, Modeling, Runway, Outfit of Choice, Themewear, Casualwear, Swimwear, Interview, and Talent routines for the pageant.

Your child can be a Pageant Winner too, with the right assistance and instruction from the ‘SUPREME STARS’ Professionals!

Pageants are our passion, and we help create Pageant Stars!!

(2 hour), (1 hour), and (30 min) private lessons available

Contact Info
Phone: (262) 327-9001







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